25 freelancers

placed in 2 months

6 talent pools

built and optimised


of requests filled

The Ambition

Vice UK sought a recruitment partner capable of swiftly expanding their pool of freelance talent. They had a substantial volume of post-production content that needed to be delivered within tight time deadlines, all while maintaining uncompromised quality standards.

The Yellowcat “Freelance” Solution

We promptly initiated conversations with various team leaders to gain a comprehensive understanding of their talent requirements, including the necessary skill sets, urgency, and all other aspects of the hiring process. Subsequently, we began curating specific talent pools comprising high-calibre individuals.

Throughout the demanding phases of the project, we maintained close communication with both our client contacts and our freelancers, and we provided a dedicated Yellowcat support team to address any requirements promptly. Following the four-month-long campaign, we conducted a post-project analysis, which has since been utilised to enhance future high-volume freelance campaigns.

The Effectiveness

In an impressively brief timeframe, we established talent pools covering all the areas we anticipated Vice UK would require assistance with. During the initial two months of the campaign, we successfully positioned more than 30 different freelancers in various projects.

Notably, many of these freelancers continued their collaborations with Vice UK well beyond the initial busy phase. Additionally, five candidates received permanent job offers.

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