Stand out and attract the best talent

As a creative recruitment agency in London we come across various companies who try different approaches when it comes to attracting the best talent. We operate within the Production, Post-Production

VFX modelling artist breakdown

3D modelling artists create the models for all 3D assets within a project – characters, weapons, vehicles, furniture, trees, rocks and so on. They often start with a brief or

Tips for your online portfolio

Whether you are working on your first resume or maybe trying to transform your old one, here are few tips on how you can create a knockout online portfolio.

VFX pipeline breakdown

With VFX having so many departments that depend on each other, understanding the relationships between them can be difficult. In this week’s article, we are uncovering the stages of production

Audio in post production

Audio Post Production is essentially all the stages of audio production, beginning with producing the sound to synchronizing it with moving picture – so anything from film and TV to

Five steps to successful recruitment

Knowing how to recruit the best talent is key to a company’s future success. When recruitment is done well you attract the best candidates so you can hire the right

Are you ready to go freelance?

Have you been considering going freelance, but are unsure if you are ready?
As a freelance recruitment agency, we have worked with many new freelancers over the years and

4 tips to find freelance work

Transitioning to freelance life is not always a smooth ride and can be very stressful; especially when trying to secure those firsts few projects. Here are 4 magical tips that

10 steps to hire the right freelancer

An unsuitable hire is one of the most expensive mistakes your company can make. If you’re looking to hire a freelancer, Yellow Cat’s 10 simple steps will make sure you

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