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What Does a Stylist do?

Stylists have the ability to curate outfits for various purposes in the fashion and entertainment industry or organise clothing and products to be photographed. There

Image of a laptop with the Adobe Lightroom application open.

What Does a DigiTech do?

You can find DigiTech’s on all sorts of stills photo productions -eCommerce, Campaign, Advertising to name a few. DigiTechs manage the images that Photographers take


Top tips for your next Video Interview

Preparing for a video interview is very similar to a preparation of a standard face-to-face meeting. You may expect the similar set of questions and the way you conduct yourself should be exactly the same. However, there are some aspects that you may want to consider before going onto your first video interview.


COVID-19 Chaos – What’s next for VFX?

Having spread to over 100 different countries since December 2019, the World Health Organisation deemed COVID-19 a global state of emergency, officially declaring it a pandemic. But what does this mean for production and VFX industry?


Five steps to successful recruitment

Knowing how to recruit the best talent is key to a company’s future success. When recruitment is done well you attract the best candidates so you can hire the right person who is excited and motivated to do great work. Recruitment is efficient, with minimal disruption to your team.


Stand out and attract best talent

As a creative recruitment agency in London we come across various companies who try different approaches when it comes to attracting the best talent. We operate within the Production, Post-Production and VFX industries which means working very closely with advertising and production agencies, animation studios and post-production houses.


Are you ready to go freelance?

Have you been considering going freelance, but are unsure if you are ready?
As a freelance recruitment agency, we have worked with many new freelancers over the years and provided advice and guidance on this very topic.


4 Expert Tips In Finding Freelance Work

Transitioning to freelance life is not always a smooth ride and can be very stressful; especially when trying to secure those firsts few projects. Here are 4 magical tips that you can follow to find all those best freelance jobs out there!


10 steps to hire the right freelancer

An unsuitable hire is one of the most expensive mistakes your company can make. If you’re looking to hire a freelancer, Yellow Cat’s 10 simple steps will make sure you find the perfect fit for your business.


5 top tips to improve your Copywriter CV

I’m sure you’re aware that March marks World Creative Writing month! We’re grabbing this opportunity to celebrate this month of creativity by sharing 5 top tips to hopefully help our community of Copywriters. Whether you’re a recent graduate, just getting started in the industry, or a seasoned pro, we’re keen to share our insights.


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