< 24 hours

freelancers working

11 permanent

hires in 3 months

100% retention

12 months later

The Ambition

We started sourcing and placing permanent members into the various teams, and working extremely closely with hiring managers to understand any changes there might have been with what they needed talent wise. We worked through all of our network and broadcast the job out to all of our owned and paid channels to quickly bring us a large pool to source within.

The Yellowcat “Classic” Solution

Drawing upon our prior collaborations with various companies in the Tag Collective Arts group, we had a solid foundation for understanding the specific talent profiles they sought. Upon receiving a briefing regarding the increased workload stemming from their recent agency successes, our extensive knowledge of talent capable of “hitting the ground running” immediately came to the fore.

Within a matter of days, we had freelancers in place to support the surge in work, emphasising the critical importance of speed in this context. Furthermore, we commenced the recruitment of permanent team members for different departments, working closely with hiring managers to adapt to any evolving talent requirements.

Leveraging our expansive network, we cast a wide net by broadcasting job opportunities through our owned and paid channels, rapidly generating a substantial talent shortlist.

The Effectiveness

A considerable number of the candidates we presented to Tag Collective Arts were successfully hired and seamlessly integrated into the agency. This streamlined the process of achieving growth with minimal time, effort, and internal resources.

In a mere three months, they onboarded 4 Producers, 5 Account Managers, and 2 Motion Designers. And after 12 months, all these new hires were still in their respective roles.

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