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The Ambition

The Post Republic, an internationally renowned and award-winning Sound and Picture Post Production studios, famous for working on films such as All Quiet On The Western Front, She Said, and Chemistry Of Death, approached us to find them a seasoned Senior Post Producer to join their growing Shoreditch facility to be part of the next stage of their evolution.

The Yellowcat “Executive” Solution

With this position being multi-faceted and covering acquiring new business, running live projects, mentoring junior staff and some aspects of studio / suite oversight, it needed a comprehensive executive search to ensure that the best talents in the market were spoken to about this brilliant opportunity.

There were also nuances to it that included the candidate needing to have worked on both HETV (high-end television) and films, which mean a really focused search needed to be conducted. From having detailed conversations with the Head of Production and other stakeholders key to getting this hiring right, we built up a comprehensive profile type they were looking to bring into their company.

We immediately spread the word to our selected high-calibre candidates as well as going into the market to source other potentials that aligned with all the key elements needed within the position. We needed to fully understand the motivations behind each candidate to ensure not only did they meet all the skillset but also that they had the right reasons for wanting such a key opening as this one.

We sent access to an online portal (with our consultative notes and statuses) which allowed our client to go through each candidate in detail before selecting which candidates they wished to invite in for interviews. This list was shown internally at The Post Republic and then through a video chat between us and our client, interviews were lined up from there.

Working through these interviews, supporting both the client and the candidates and ensuring SLAs were met from all angles, we quickly had a chosen candidate that we then had to negotiate with and once a deal was reached, ensure a smooth onboarding process, giving our client best advice on how to conduct this, especially given the candidate was on a 3-month notice period.

The Effectiveness

Working very much as an outsourced partner to The Post Republic, we built a trust and openness that allowed the whole recruitment process to move at a quicker pace and meant that there wasn’t a delay in communication reaching any party in the process.

The communication channels that we created and the regular status updates worked for all parties and meant that their chosen candidate was a smooth process to acceptance, whilst all those who weren’t successful left with detailed feedback given as to why they weren’t successful.

Everything was concluded in such a way that meant all parties involved in the process were extremely happy.

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