15 years

partnership history

80+ permanent

hires made

90%+ retention

rate | 2 years

The Ambition

IG wanted to build an in-house production and marketing department, assuming complete ownership and responsibility for their creative work. This shift followed their previous reliance on multiple agencies for project delivery and execution.

The Yellowcat “Onsite” Solution

To achieve this, we embarked on a substantial hiring initiative, assembling cross-functional teams that would align with their company vision and values and contributed significantly to their business objectives. Starting this process with a history of successful hires at different levels of their business, we were confident in our ability to efficiently attract the ideal talent to their teams.

Engaging in discussions with senior stakeholders regarding their hiring strategies and procedures, we promptly identified candidates who precisely matched their criteria. Our profound understanding of their corporate culture and the qualities that define an IG standout played a pivotal role in establishing a sustainable and contented department.

The Effectiveness

Our role in presenting top-tier talent options to IG has been instrumental, and the outcomes are evident. During our decade-long partnership with IG, we’ve successfully integrated more than 100 permanent professionals into their organisation, ranging from seasoned senior creatives to promising entry-level graduates.

Our deep integration within their company has led to us being the sole trusted recruitment consultancy for all creative hires.

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