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The Ambition

William Hill reached out seeking to collaborate confidentially with an expert in the creative field to help identify and hire their next superstar for the role of Creative Director/Global Head of Creative. This position held significant importance for them, serving as a crucial replacement for the Creative Director who had held the position for 4½ years and had a wealth of knowledge within their sector as well as spearheading their creative brand team.

The Yellowcat “Executive” Solution

Following detailed introductory calls with several senior stakeholders at William Hill to discuss the job profile document they provided, all of whom had a vested interest in the profile types they were wanting to see, we got straight to work. Initially, we formulated our strategic approach and compiled a long list of candidates we identified as fitting the criteria for the role. This involved tapping into both our UK network and casting a broader net globally to ensure we attracted the most suitable candidates.

Recognising the significance of presenting top-tier talent, our outreach messaging aimed to reach a wide audience through various channels such as job advertisements, social posts, and proactive headhunting. Amongst the myriad of responses from these efforts, we meticulously vetted candidates against key criteria, resulting in a refined and focused shortlist of six individuals. We regularly convened with key stakeholders to provide updates on the progress and discuss any challenges encountered.

From our curated shortlist, William Hill chose to interview all our selected candidates and following a series of interviews, one of our candidates emerged as the chosen candidate and was offered the position of Creative Director.
As the chosen candidate was currently residing in Colorado, USA, extensive negotiations were required, encompassing not only the base salary, bonuses, and associated benefits but also a relocation package for his move back to the UK. All aspects were resolved with relative ease, leading to a hire that William Hill were thoroughly delighted with.

The Effectiveness

Through a comprehensive grasp of the role, the organisational culture, expected outcomes, and the intended impact of the individual, we gained a clarity and story that was effectively communicated to all potential applicants.

This clarity enhanced our ability to make stronger matches between candidates and the position. With continuous collaboration and a coherent and communicative process, it ultimately delivered the desired outcome for the client, the candidate, and us. Very much a win-win-win scenario.

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