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As a creative recruitment agency in London we come across various companies who try different approaches when it comes to attracting the best talent. We operate within the Production, Post-Production and VFX industries which means working very closely with advertising and production agencies, animation studios and post-production houses.

What does an Audio Mixer do?

In film or any form of video, audio mixing is the process of combining different sounds and audio recording into a final sound that complements the images to tell a story. The audio is a very important part in a film or any other type of digital content like commercials, documentaries or even short form […]

What does an Art Director do?

Art direction is a way to present a product, person or place creatively to evoke a sense of a particular culture or emotional reaction from the audience. Art direction helps in communicate and share certain information through visual mediums. An Art Director is someone who creates and manages the overall design and visual style. This […]

What does a Producer do?

Essentially, a Producer is the one in charge of the whole production of a project like a film, documentary, advert, or a music video. They oversee every step and manage all the teams to ensure deadlines are being met and everything stays within budget. Producers are the main point of contact for everything. They maintain […]

What does an Account Manager do?

Account Managers serve as the link between their employer and the specific accounts (a client or customer) they’ve been assigned to handle. They are experts at developing strong relationships with customers, connecting with key business stakeholders and preparing sales reports. Account Managers also answer client queries and figure out ways to achieve their objectives and […]

What does a Motion Designer do?

Motion graphics simply explained are graphics in motion. A Motion Designer creates graphics and then makes the move in a certain way to tell a story. These can be also known as animations, we find them in films, trailers, music videos, commercials, and more. Motion graphics are very popular as they add clarification and a […]

What does a Project Manager do?

For a business, having a Project Manager leading and making sure everyone is on the same page can be critical to the success of a project. A good Project manager takes full control from beginning to end to successfully complete a project’s goals and deliverables. They hold a project together and ensure quality and objectives […]

What does an Edit Assistant do?

Before an Editor starts working on a project, the Edit Assistant will receive and prepare the footage making sure everything is ready before the editing process begins. This includes preparing the editing suites for the Editors, troubleshoot any tech issues, storage data… The Edit Assistant role is important because their work is what sets the […]

What does a Photographer do?

A photographer is a person capturing stills images for production. They make sure that the shot is framed well, the camera is focused, and the composition and light balance on the camera are all correct. The photographer is essentially managing the shoot, organising the assistants and digitech and making sure that models and clients are […]

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