What does an Edit Assistant do?

Before an Editor starts working on a project, the Edit Assistant will receive and prepare the footage making sure everything is ready before the editing process begins. This includes preparing the editing suites for the Editors, troubleshoot any tech issues, storage data…

The Edit Assistant role is important because their work is what sets the Editor up to success, the tasks they take on allow the Editor to focus only on the Editing without worrying about the rest. They also maintain communication with other departments to ensure the Editor is ready to edit and has everything they need.

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What is an Edit Assistant?

An Edit Assistant is the person supporting the Editor throughout the editing process. They are in charge of logging everything that comes into the edit department including footage, storyboards and sound effects.

They usually have some other duties like booking client appointments, staff meetings, checking equipment and making orders of supplies needed.

Edit assistants may be asked to create rough assemblies of material, or in instances where there is a large quantity of material, the Edit Assistant may be asked to select the best shots for use in the edit.

What are the key responsibilities of an Edit Assistant?

Some of their key responsibilities are:

  • Ingesting footage so that it can be accessed by the Editor.
  • Transfer archive material or music for the Editor to use.
  • Checking the Editor has everything they need.
  • Maintain all the data organized.
  • Prepare the editing room for the editor.
  • Making sure all the equipment is working properly.


What skills does an Edit Assistant need?

  • Great time management skills.
  • Technical knowledge of the software and equipment used.
  • Good at following instructions.
  • Attention to detail and extremely organized.
  • Project management skills.
  • Good understanding of the post-production process.
  • Good base of experience with editing software.
  • Knowledge of online, offline, and grading workflows.
  • Ability to solve problems creatively and logically.


How do you become an Edit Assistant?

A degree is not a requirement to work as an Edit Assistant. It’s more important the knowledge and understanding of software and the whole editing process.

Having a degree of course would help you demonstrate that knowledge and skills but there are other ways to obtain them.

Gaining experience is the most important part. Many Edit Assistants start as Postproduction Runners and start building up their career. As a Runner you can get relevant experience and will give you an insight into the industry.

After working in this role, you will want to keep progressing, most commonly the next role you would look at is a Junior Editor.

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