What does a Motion Designer do?

Motion graphics simply explained are graphics in motion. A Motion Designer creates graphics and then makes the move in a certain way to tell a story. These can be also known as animations, we find them in films, trailers, music videos, commercials, and more.

Motion graphics are very popular as they add clarification and a better vision to a concept, it also catches the attention of the audience instantly. You can find many motion graphics on social media and TV advertisements, and they work since we all love watching TV and scrolling on our phones!

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What is a Motion Designer?

A Motion Designer is a digital artist that creates graphics, uses visual effects, audio and animations to bring their projects to life. They usually work alongside a creative team and may follow directions from the creative director.

Motion designers work on a wide range of projects that require designing titles that often move, making explainer videos and infographics, creating animated logos for companies and animated text which is also know as kinetic typography, and creating adverts will include many of the previous techniques.

What are the key responsibilities of a Motion Designer?

Here are some of the key responsibilities a motion designer has:

• Create digital content and video assets.
• Understanding the bigger picture, adding meaning to the overall project and following the storyline.
• Ability to work with a creative team and receive directions from the creative director.
• Convert messages into motion graphics, these can be in the form of titles and/or captions.
• Work closely with other designers, editors and producers to identify and solve any issues that you may encounter during the project.
• Prepare design plan, concept and layout for motion graphic project.
• Meeting with clients to address their needs.
• Selecting audio, visuals, typography, and other design elements.

What skills and software does a Motion Designer need?

Most skills are technical as this is a creative and hands on role, here are some:

• A good knowledge of design programs such as Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.
• Good graphic design skills.
• Knowledge of the different styles and techniques in animation.
• 3D modeling and design skills.
• An understanding of how colours work in moving images. (Colour theory)
• Adaptability, being able to accommodate their original vision as the project develops and depending on the feedback received from the director/client.
• Good time management skills, making sure deadlines are being met.
• Great communication skills, as you will be constantly communicating with the client/director, producers, and other editors.

How do you become a Motion Designer?

If you want to work as a Motion Designer, having a degree in motion design, editing or graphic design would be a good advantage as you will already have the technical skills and an understanding of the subject. However, as this is an extremely creative role what plays the bigger part is your portfolio of work!

There are many online courses and tutorials that can give you a great level of knowledge and by practicing you can master the software required and grow your skills. Getting work experience is important if you are starting up, this will add examples of your talent to your portfolio and give you a better chance to develop your career.

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