What Does an Audio Mixer do?

In film or any form of video, audio mixing is the process of combining different sounds and audio recording into a final sound that complements the images to tell a story. The audio is a very important part in a film or any other type of digital content like commercials, documentaries or even short form […]

What Does a Booking Coordinator do?

  Bookings Coordinators primarily work in post-production therefore they must have a deep understanding of post-production processes. They know what equipment the post-production company has, as well as what facilities are available. Booking Coordinators can allocate, organise and monitor the flow of the technical and creative people involved. They often work closely alongside the Producers, […]

What Does a Stylist do?

Stylists have the ability to curate outfits for various purposes in the fashion and entertainment industry or organise clothing and products to be photographed. There are lots of different types of Stylists within this category, for example wardrobe stylists on films, fashion stylists on photoshoots and personal stylists for individuals. The way the product is […]

What Does a Copywriter do?

Being a copywriter can be considered a curious art, as it is so much more than presenting information to the world. Have you ever wondered who the genius is behind a super eye-catching headline that you weren’t even looking for, yet you became fixated on it, even for a second? Or have you ever become […]

What Does an Animator do?

A career in Animation means you have the ability to bring art to life, whether it be through animations, special effects, and other visual images. You will work at the intersection of creativity and technology, through the use of digital tools to bring designs to life for advertisements, films, cartoons, online media and more! We’re […]

What Does a Set Designer do?

The role of a Set Designer on a movie, television set or theatre production is to design and plan how the background of the scene will look.  They are vital in setting the tone and creating a particular feel for the production, whether this is for an editorial shoot for Vogue or a West End […]

Tips for your online portfolio

Whether you are working on your first resume or maybe trying to transform your old one, here are few tips on how you can create a knockout online portfolio.

A beginner’s guide to… Chatting with your recruiter

A beginner’s guide to… Chatting with your recruiter I’ve been working in the recruitment industry for over 9 months now, so I guess for some I can still be considered a baby – however, already a one that has learned first steps and now is curiously wandering around. Over half a year went by ridiculously […]

4 Expert Tips In Finding Freelance Work

Transitioning to freelance life is not always a smooth ride and can be very stressful; especially when trying to secure those firsts few projects. Here are 4 magical tips that you can follow to find all those best freelance jobs out there!

8 top tips to help you ace that all important job interview

‘Interview’- even the mention of the word can make the most confident cats perspire into an anxious mess. We’ve all been there, I once was so nervous during a first stage interview, my throat dried up completely and I was rendered mute. Not an ideal scenario!


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