Are you missing growth by not utilising freelancers?

Looking to grow your business and recruit exciting new talent?

Holding back because you’re not sure if you’re in the best position for hiring right now? This could be because you’re worried about overstretching resources, unsure whether you actually need a permanent employee, or a whole host of other valid concerns. While your worries are complex, the solution could be simple: utilising freelance workers.

Why should you be using freelancers? Right now your business may be leaving a huge pool of talent to go untapped, or worse, be snapped up by your competitors. With hiring freelancers on the rise, you could be missing out on a golden recruitment opportunity.
Here are five reasons why.

1. They’re Experts in Their Field

Most freelancers are highly qualified workers with skills in specialised areas, from graphic design or community management, to video production or content editing. They also tend to be agile, innovative workers, with a wealth of experience working with previous clients to draw on. Your business can leverage these freelance specialists and their technical expertise by hiring them on a project-to-project basis – with them on board, each task or campaign gets expert attention that’s tailored to its needs. Using recruitment agencies or other talent-pairing platforms will allow you to find even the most unique skill set! By outsourcing specialist tasks in this way, your company gets the chance to innovate and thrive.

2. They’re Flexible

Hiring new talent can require a lot of long-term planning. Will the new employee have too little or too great of a workload at some points in the year? Will their job role even be relevant once all short-term projects are complete? Your company might not require a specific skill set on-site on a permanent basis, but when it does the need can be critical and time sensitive. Freelancers provide that much-needed flexibility in terms of who you hire and when, making themselves available for a set period of your choosing, and allowing your company to cast a wider net that isn’t restricted to just in-house employees or time-consuming permanent hires. Utilising freelancers means your business can adjust to staffing requirements as they pop up, and never flounder with too many or too few employees on hand.

3. They’ll Save You Valuable Time

Ever feel like you (and your company) could achieve amazing things with just a few more hours in the workday? Freelancers can free up these crucial hours for you without the need for anyone to burn the midnight oil. By considering the strengths and weaknesses of your current employees, it’s possible to pick out which projects and ongoing tasks are creating an unnecessary time drain on your team. Recruiting external specialists means these time-consuming tasks are completed quickly and effectively, freeing up your employees to focus on their strengths, and leaving any weaknesses to someone who can do it better. Utilising freelancers in this way fills any skill gaps in your current workforce, and puts people where they can do their best work to grow your business.

4. They’re Cost Effective

Every business wants to know about the bottom line, and you might think of freelancers as an unnecessary luxury, reserved for bigger corporations. In reality, they’re incredibly cost effective and accessible to companies of all sizes. Freelancers understand the importance of maintaining their personal brand, so they can renew contracts and further build their own client base. That means they consistently perform to a high level with quick turnaround time.

They are always honing their skills to stand out in a competitive job market, and so should be able to point out any key areas where your business may be losing money, designing more effective campaigns and processes for long-term savings. Lastly, as free agents these employees have less overhead costs and don’t require any company benefits. In a nutshell, freelancers let you save your business money without compromising on results.

5. They Give A Personal Touch

Last but not least, working with freelancers means forging valuable business connections with creative individuals, who were passionate enough about what they do to strike out on their own. Essentially running a business themselves, freelancers will share similar concerns and values to your own team. Constantly working to develop their portfolio, they will give each task their personal attention, ideally forming a strong professional bond with your business where you can utilise their skills whenever you need them. They can often refer you to other relevant freelancers, and may even become an easy permanent hire for your team in future!

Freelancers are an amazing talent resource that can help your business flourish, so don’t let this opportunity pass you by.
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