What does A POST PrODUCER do?

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We have already discussed what does a Producer do but now we want to explore what a Post Producer does. Although these roles sound similar it is important to understand the difference between the two especially if you are considering a career as a Post Producer or wanting to hire a Post Producer yourself. 


So what does a Post Producer do?

A Post Producer is someone who focusses on the Post Production phase in the video production process which includes everything that is done after filming (production) to prepare the video footage for delivery.

Post Production includes video editing, audio editing and voiceover recording, motion graphics or animation, VFX, colour grading, quality control and admin to ensure the video meets legal requirements. A Post Producer’s role is to oversee these components and manage the team of operators to ensure the content is delivered successfully to the client’s brief.

There is a large number of Post Production companies in London, who specialise in this stage of the process and have teams of post production talent who can take raw video footage and make it into a glossy finished piece of content.


Why would I need a Post Producer?

If you normally hire freelancers, you might be wondering whether you really need to hire a Post Producer or if you can book a freelance Producer to do the same work and save you money.

A Producer may sometimes handle the post production process within their wider Producer role, taking a project from start to finish, overseeing the full process. This often happens within a smaller production company or video agency, or when the post work is not as complicated / time consuming.

The separate Post Producer position exists when it makes sense to have an expert focusing solely on this process. They are able to manage more complex post production, where there is a complicated workflow with many operators each working on a specific aspect of the video, at a fast pace. A Post Producer is also able to cope with delivering a large volume of assets and can make sure the workflow is streamlined and efficient.

Essentially whether you hire a Producer or a Post Producer should depend on the complexity and volume of the post production work, and how quickly you need it to be completed.


What responsibilities does a Post Producer have?

Here are a few common responsibilities a Post Producer fulfils:

  • Maintain excellent communication with clients from start to finish
  • Understand and interpret the clients initial brief
  • Estimate a timeline and create quotes for projects
  • Brief projects to the post production operators including Premiere Editors, DaVinci Colourists, After Effects Designers, Flame Artists, Nuke Operators and Cinema 4D Animators
  • Oversee the workflow of the operators and ensure deadlines are met
  • QC finished work to ensure it matches the original brief
  • Schedule work using a scheduling software such as Farmer’s Wife or ScheduAll
  • Troubleshoot problems as they arise and offer solutions
  • Complete relevant admin to ensure video assets meet legal requirements
  • Billing and reconciling invoices


What is it like to be a Post Producer

A Post Producer normally works within a studio environment or a post production facility, it is common for them to work office hours from Monday to Friday. Weekend work is sometimes required when last minute changes from the client come up which need to be made quickly and urgently.

A job like this would suit someone who is a confident communicator who can build strong relationships. They need to have an excellent understanding of post production software and workflows as they will need to be able to provide advice to clients on the best course of action for their project, as well as trouble shoot issues which arise with operators, and ensure the work has been done correctly.

This role requires good organisation and time management, as they have to deliver work to deadlines in a fast-paced environment. To succeed they will be solutions focussed, and able to think on their feet to fix problems and reduce costs.

To become a Post Producer, you could start as an Assistant or a Runner in a Post Production Company, where you will begin to learn the technical knowledge needed to succeed in this position.


How to book a freelance Post Producer?

If you want to book a Post Producer the best place to start is a Post Production recruitment agency who will listen to your brief, and then search their roster of talent to find a Post Producer who has relevant experience delivering projects like yours.

What can you expect to pay? Well this varies depending on the type of project you have and the level of experience you need, but you can expect to pay anywhere between £250-£350 per day for an experienced Post Producer.

Most freelancers will charge overtime beyond standard working hours and you should expect to pay time and a half on weekends and bank holidays.


We hope this article has given you a helpful insight into what it means to be a Post Producer. If you have any questions or wish to chat to someone about hiring a permanent or freelance Post Producer do get in touch with mary@yellowcat.london 

Mary Broome, Head of Recruitment at Yellow Cat.



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