What does a Freelance Videographer do?

“I need to find a freelance videographer, but how can I make sure that I’m hiring the best?”

The role of a videographer is relatively straightforward, but with so many talented creatives out there (all with diverse skill sets and specialisms) it can be tricky to get your head around such a broad and varied role. No need to worry- in this role breakdown we keep things simple, but provide all the information you’ll need when you book a freelance videographer for your next project.

What exactly is a freelance videographer?

In essence, a freelance videographer captures video content for various brands and clients on an ongoing or project-to-project basis. They work under a producer, alone, or as part of a small team to record footage for anything from a long-form documentary to a short music video or TV advert. They are responsible for maintaining and operating their equipment, shooting the actual footage, and usually editing the content themselves afterwards.

What types of freelance videographers are there?

The list is endless, but here are some examples of videographer types to be aware of:

  • Camera Operator – Strictly speaking, anyone operating a camera on a shoot or in the studio is given the title of videographer. Depending on the size of the production, they may also be responsible for the video’s lighting and sound work.
  • Corporate Videographer – Many videographers specialise in corporate content, which covers any kind of non-advert based video footage commissioned by a business or large corporation, e.g. training videos or shareholder updates.
  • Documentary Videographer – These video creatives shoot footage specifically for documentaries, whether for film, TV or branded content purposes.
  • ‘One Man Band’ – The ‘one man band’ videographer owns all their own shooting equipment, and will transport it themself to the shoot location. They function as a solo production crew, shooting and editing all their own footage for paid gigs such as weddings, music videos, adverts and short films.
  • Real Estate Videographer – These videographers meet with clients looking to sell their homes or are commissioned by real estate companies, filming interior and exterior shots of properties for use in digital home tour videos.
  • Travel Videographer – This specialism means essentially travelling for a living, creating promotional, educational or cultural videos for the tourism industry.
  • Video Editor – The role of a video editor often falls within or overlaps with the role of a videographer. For an in-depth definition of what this role involves, see our recent article here.

What’s in a videographer’s job description?

So how do you break down a broad role like this into day-to-day responsibilities? Depending on your project’s brief, they can be tasked with any of the following:

  • Consult with the client to establish the creative brief and project deliverables
  • Scout potential shoot locations
  • Transport and set up video equipment as the project requires
  • Assistance with staging and set preparation
  • Shoot high quality, relevant video footage
  • Take responsibility for sound and lighting
  • Support the Producer, and/or work alongside the Production team
  • Edit recorded footage to required standard
  • Execute concept through to completion and according to original brief

What is a videographer’s skill set?

Above all else a videographer must be a skilled camera operator, usually trained to work with multiple cameras and lenses of all sizes. They should also have a strong understanding of, and ability to use, video editing softwares such as Apple’s Final Cut Pro, Avid or Adobe Premiere Pro. Important soft skills include communication, attention to detail and strong storytelling ability.

Why should you hire a freelance videographer?

Taking on a freelance videographer is one of the best ways to market your business or tell your brand’s story. Experts in their field, they are flexible to your project’s needs and can capture a special event for you, or put together footage of your company that encapsulates its culture and successes. With the explosion of video content in recent years, these are projects that no company should miss out on.

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