What does a Freelance Premiere Pro Editor do?

We’ve explored “What does a Video Editor do” before (and you can find the article here), but this time we’re going more specific and focusing on What does a Premiere Editor do, and discuss in-depth the differences between other types of freelance editors based on the software they work on.

Premiere Editor vs. Video Editor

A Premiere Editor is essentially a Video Editor who works on Adobe Premiere Pro software. They assemble recorded footage into finished projects while assuring that the video is edited in a way that is imperceptible to the audience. They are a part of a post production team but very often work closely with designers and project managers throughout the whole production process. Both short form and long form Editors are responsible for ensuring logical sequencing while inputting music, graphics, effects and quite often grading the footage.

How to find a good Editor?

Firstly, it is fundamental to define what kind of editor do you require – are you in need of a Branded Content Editor? Freelancer for advertising? Or maybe a long form Editor? It is important to select the right type of freelancer based on their experience, so you can be sure they are the most suitable person for the project your company is currently working on. Only after making that decision you can start thinking about the software packages.

Premiere, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Avid… what are the differences…

Although they are all created specifically for video editing, let’s delve into each of them and do a quick comparison.

Adobe Premiere Pro (Pr)

  • Allows the user to conduct a more complex video edit, involving colour grading and audio adjusting
  • Widely operated by professional filmmakers and experienced video editors as it is used to turn raw footage into astonishing visual product
  • Supports Mac and Windows
  • Consistent with the rest of Adobe Suite (Photoshop, After Effects, Lightroom etc.)
  • Allows users to share files on network which means other team members can access the edits

Final Cut Pro (FCP)

  • Video editor for Mac OS users only
  • Well-designed databases and smooth exporting and rendering, often chosen for its speed
  • Adaptable for beginners
  • More economical option as it is a one-time purchase
  • Made suitable for people who want to edit their project from start-to-finish on one software
  • Doesn’t work on network


  • Qualified for Windows and Mac
  • Widely used in broadcast TV and feature films
  • Features superior titling, compositing, and special effects
  • Designed for the entire post production: from logging and editing, to effects, colour, audio, and complete finish

After Effects (AE)

  • Adding visual effects, motion graphics and titles to the previously edited video
  • Only deals with edited composite videos
  • Vast motion toolset
  • App for creating astonishing animations and motion graphics

Do freelance Editors provide their own software?

It’s one of the most frequent questions we hear from the clients. You can definitely hire an editor who can bring their own software with them; and many will be happy to choose that way of working, however they might charge an extra fee for doing so.

A little bit for the beginners – How to become a Premiere Editor?

If you are thinking about becoming a Premiere Editor, I’m not here to tell you it will be a piece of cake – it won’t. But it certainly can be a lot of fun.

The best way of starting up is… watching tutorials; it’s a great way to understand the interface and get to know all the possibilities within the software. Once you feel confident enough to start playing around with the programme, it’s good to establish a project in your mind. There is nothing worse than working on a video that hasn’t been planned – to get somewhere, you need to start off with setting yourself a goal and implementing a strategy. That’s why it is so important to visualise your idea. One of the most popular learning tactics I’ve noticed is choosing your favourite film and creating your own trailer for it.

It’s essential that you learn the basics first instead of jumping straight into an advanced level. Once you are skilled in the elementary functions, it will be easier to follow more advanced tutorials. If you prefer working with a professional that can answer all your questions face-to-face and go through the Premiere Pro software with you, there are plenty of classes available in London. You can find some of them on those websites: MediaTraining.ltd.uk, UAL and City-Academy.

I believe being a Premiere Editor, or Video Editor with any software really, is one of those roles that require hours and hours of hard work, practice and patience. And even if at the beginning it might feel like you will never reach the top level, because there is just SO MUCH TO LEARN – don’t give up! I truly think that working all those weeks on one short video can be extremely satisfying when it comes to seeing the final result. It’ll make every minute spent in front of the computer certainly worth it!

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