What does a Copywriter do?

Being a copywriter can be considered a curious art, as it is so much more than presenting information to the world.

Have you ever wondered who the genius is behind a super eye-catching headline that you weren’t even looking for, yet you became fixated on it, even for a second? Or have you ever become so engrossed in an article as the words flow so seamlessly, that you don’t even feel like you’re reading? Well, we’re thrilled to let you in on a little secret, these people walk among us under the name of Copywriters.

What is a Copywriter?

A copywriter writes impactful and engaging headlines, taglines, advertisements, sales pages, and any other marketing materials that further the commercial initiatives of a brand. Copywriters are collaborative by nature as a key part of their role is to partner with brand developers, marketing departments, advertising agencies, PR firms, and other entities that create public-facing content.

Copywriters are also instinctively curious as they will study the brand’s guidelines, objectives, sentiment analysis, demographic information, and current strategies to create magnetized messaging that helps create awareness, generate revenue, and shape a brand’s legacy.

What can you exactly expect from a Copywriter?

Copywriters provide you with fresh written content that is aimed to grab your targeted audience’s attention and convince them to take action – from purchasing a product to using your company’s services. Copywriters are responsible for both more creative texts and research-based copy, so you can expect them to write anything from advertisements, billboard slogans, emails, brochures, etc. Copywriters should know how to write for different mediums as well – from print and web to radio and television. Quite often, copywriters work very closely with editors to brainstorm ideas and the tone of voice, and with designers or art directors when producing adverts.

If you are looking to find a freelance copywriter in London, you should be prepared to pay their average daily rate of £300 – £350. Of course, the rates typically reflect the copywriter’s experience and may also vary for different types of copywriting.

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What are some of their responsibilities?

A few common responsibilities that a Copywriter fulfils are…

  • Produce original and exceptional copy across both print, digital channels or broadcasts, providing new ideas and while maintaining high-quality content inline with the briefing
  • Review / undertake research and develop an understanding of the client’s target audience and competitor products to help to develop a compelling story for the brand/audience
  • Provide strategic support and own insight discovery to help leverage products messaging and asset delivery. Present these findings to rationalise message choice.
  • Excellent briefing and reviewing skills. Challenging client briefs and providing suggestions on added value items
  • Ensure the accuracy of all information, data and referencing for the projects you and the team produce
  • Address internal and external comments on your work intelligently and question any that are inappropriate, inaccurate, or unclear
  • Very strong organizational skills, including the ability to prioritize and balance several priorities, pressures and demands Scientific content and expertise
  • Proactively research the industry for news and insights that could support the client strategically


How to become a Copywriter?

Technically, you don’t need any formal qualifications to become a copywriter, however a bachelor’s degree in a field like Creative Writing, Journalism or English is definitely a bonus. A good blend of education and experience may be the perfect starting point of a copywriter’s career.

When starting as a copywriter, it is good to make sure you include all your previous work in your portfolio – for example your writing for college and university. A lot of advertising and marketing agencies offer copywriting internships which are a perfect way of getting to know your industry and making important contacts.

Most important thing? Writing skills! Copywriters need to write with proper tone, feeling and emotion, without forgetting sentence structure and grammar.

If you’d like help breaking into the industry, contact us at Yellow Cat for the latest job openings, advice on becoming a freelancer and CV support.

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