Different types of bias in recruitment

As humans and as recruiters, we are filled with countless decision-making moments. When we reply to an email, we decide what to say; when we get a job that needs candidates, we decide how to advertise it; when we review CV’s, we decide who is “good for the job”; when we choose who to call, […]

How we embedded inclusivity and diversity principles into our recruitment strategy

picture of our team during our second session of diversity and inclusion training

Our secon DEIB session This second session with Jennie Child was building upon what we learnt in the first session (fundamentals of DEIB and what Yellow Cat Recruitment wants their vision to be) whilst encouraging us to focus on the different stages of recruitment in order to achieve our diversity strategy. In particular, the activities, […]

How we kicked off our DEIB strategy with authenticity

Our team DEIB session So, here at Yellow Cat we’ve been educating ourselves on the importance of inclusive hiring. Yellow Cat is based in one of the most multicultural places in London (Brixton) and we work in such an open and accepting field. Promoting inclusion and equality very much aligns to our values and so […]

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