What does a Booking Coordinator do?

Bookings Coordinators primarily work in post-production therefore they must have a deep understanding of post-production processes. They know what equipment the post-production company has, as well as what facilities are available. Booking Coordinators can allocate, organise and monitor the flow of the technical and creative people involved. They often work closely alongside the Producers, assisting them with the administrative aspects such as invoices and confirmation forms.

Bookings Coordinators are often responsible for handling several accounts, working with a range of clients both internal and external, as well as being the first point of contact for all bookings. They can schedule and keep up to date with all ongoing tasks and know the personnel responsible for both creative and technical tasks. The hiring of technical equipment and post-production suites may also be required during the post-production process. Often a Booking Coordinator role is a great starting point for people who want to become Producers as it involves many of the same skills and duties.

What are some of their responsibilities?

  • Staying up to date with freelancer availability
  • Organising freelancer and permanent staff schedules – being able to efficiently schedule freelancers to be the most cost and time effective
  • Raising PO’s and invoices for freelancers
  • Knowing and understanding the requirements of a brief
  • A good understanding of budgeting – creating and sticking to budgets
  • Acting as the main point of contact for clients
  • Being able to negotiate with clients- – being able be the most cost effective
  • Have a deep understanding of the post-production process – have a thorough understanding of the hardware and software available and what it can be used for
  • Understand the roles of the staff available to you
  • Hiring of technical equipment/suites

Who do Booking Coordinators work alongside?

  • Editors
  • Motion Graphic Designers
  • Flame Artists
  • Edit Assistants
  • Producers / Post-Producers

How to become a Booking Coordinator?

  • No specific qualification is required to become a Bookings Coordinator. However, it may be beneficial to gain qualifications and experience in post-production – degrees may offer training in the relevant software, and enable dedicated time to building a portfolio. Most universities have strong links with the film and TV industries as well as access to post-production facilities (https://www.solent.ac.uk/courses/undergraduate/post-production-for-film-and-television-ba)


There are different ways to network –

  • Attending events is a fantastic way to meet people in person
  • LinkedIn – make connections!
  • Facebook Pages – join a group and they will post jobs and advice!
  • Talk to your connections about work – sell yourself!

Work Experience

  • If you are lacking in experience, you can always volunteer at local productions – any organisational role will aid you in becoming a Bookings Coordinator – Shadowing a producer or working as a Production Assistant may be beneficial for learning about schedules, booking or budgets. Working in Post-Production as a runner or edit assistant enables a better understanding of the post-production process and a step in the door with post-production. These experiences offer opportunities to build up your CV, you can also enquire with them to see if they offer anything further that may help! Make sure to ask questions.



  • A visual representation of your previous experience helps to sell yourself – Vimeo or YouTube are great platforms to utilise
  • If you don’t have many productions to put into a portfolio, contact post-production houses looking for unpaid or running work – this enables you to build your CV and portfolio

How do I book a Booking Coordinator?

If you would like to enhance your project, here at Yellow Cat we have a wide network of talented Booking Coordinators to suit all client needs. We have a rich talent pool for clients to hire both freelance and permanent Booking Coordinators. For more information regarding Booking Coordinators, their market rate (salary and day rate), and the availability of freelance Booking Coordinators, please contact us.

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