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Video interviews have already been growing in popularity in the recent years, but the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic caused it to be a main hiring tool. Yellow Cat being a creative recruitment agency in London has been using this method previously, now moving into permanent usage of video interviews until it becomes safe again to meet people in person. Given our expertise in video interviewing, we thought it would be good to share some tips with those who may have little or no experience in video interviewing.

Preparing for a video interview is very similar to a preparation of a standard face-to-face meeting. You may expect the similar set of questions and the way you conduct yourself should be exactly the same. However, there are some aspects that you may want to consider before going onto your first video interview.


1. Technical Set-Up

To save yourself from stress, make sure that you are properly set-up for your video call. Check your Internet connection beforehand and if you are having issues with connecting to the web, remember to let your interviewers know – for example via text or phone call. Remember to test your camera and microphone – maybe try ringing your parents, partner or one of your friends to test your software. Most video interviews are done via apps that are easy to download or can be used from your browser, but once you get the link to your call (which usually happens a few days before the interview), you may want to read about the certain app or get it on your mobile/computer a bit earlier. You can expect businesses using software such as Zoom or even WhatsApp or FaceTime. Technically, if you have one of those: computer/laptop, phone or tablet with updated software – you are pretty much set up for your video call. We also recommend using a headphone set with microphone for your video interviews – it guarantees that you will not cause feedback in the video, plus you will hear your speakers better and your mic will be closer to your face which should help with the sound quality from your side.


2. Background

Even though it is pretty much obvious (especially during current COVID-19 situation) that you are doing your video interview from the safety of your house, we recommend choosing a blank background. There is nothing wrong with showing a bit of your kitchen or living room on the camera, but remember that you don’t need any distractions during that interview. You want your interviewers to focus purely on your person and not a funny pillow that you were given by your Grandma on your recent birthday. Setting up your computer in a way that only a wall is visible behind you add to the professional tone as well. Of course, you want to get a bit personal with potentially your future employers, however you don’t need to straightaway show them your Star Wars action figures collection.


3. PJs? Guilty!

Admit it, we all considered it at some point – wearing PJs bottoms and a fancy shirt to your next video call. There is a big chance that you will get away with it and no one will even realise that during the interview you were halfway ready for your next nap. However, we recommend being fully dressed in a professional manner during your video call. Firstly, it puts you in the right mood and can help with acting in more professional way. And also saves you in case you suddenly need to get up! We can also suggest wearing soft, solid colours – such as dark blue. White and black outfits don’t work very well with webcams and can be distracting (eg. too bright or causing your face to wash out due to an overexposure). Bright colours and patterns can also be distracting and also give your skin an unnatural tint on the camera.


4. Prepare your desk beforehand

Just like with a normal, face-to-face interview, you should prepare your tools before the video chat starts. Make sure you have a notepad and a working pen on your desk, also it is good to have a glass of water next to you. Consider closing all unnecessary tabs on your web browser and opening up your portfolio, so that when you are being asked about details of your previous work, you can easily check your CV.


5. Body language

When video calling people, remember to look in the camera from time to time and not only at the image of your interviewers. Directing your gaze at the webcam helps with aligning your eyes with the eyes of the interviewer, and therefore establishes sort of eye contact. When listening, you can go back to looking at their image. Also remember about your body posture – sitting straight in your chair is as important as it is during a face-to-face interview.


We hope those few tips will help you with scoring your next video interview! Whether you are meeting your interviewers in person or through a webcam, remember to prepare before your interview.  If you need help with that, check out our 8 Top Tips To Help You Ace That All Important Job Interview.


If you have any other interesting recommendations for people struggling with video interviews, please get in touch with our Creative Resourcer Magda –


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