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As industry leaders, Smoke & Mirrors had secured a raft of high profile client accounts. This immediately put them in a position where they had to find multiple new members of staff so that they could immediately get to work on delivering on these new client wins. They urgently needed a team of Producers, Account Managers, Motion Designers and Editors, as well as numerous support staff.

The Yellow Cat Solution

Having worked with Smoke & Mirrors for more than ten years, we instantly knew exactly the type of talent they were looking for; that would seamlessly fit within and reflect the company’s personality and values. The first thing we did was meet with the hiring managers so that we could take detailed briefs from them and fully understand their requirements. Then, we hit the ground running. Speed was of the essence and, thanks to our extensive industry knowledge (20+ years), and having access to all of the right pipeline channels, we created a shortlist of candidates within 48 hours.


A lot of the shortlisted candidates we put before Smoke & Mirrors were hired and seamlessly integrated into the business, enabling growth to be achieved with minimal time, effort and internal resources Within just 4 months, Smoke & Mirrors appointed: 4 Producers, 5 Account Managers, and 2 Motion Designers. What’s more, 12 months later, all of the new hires were still in their positions.

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