From uni lectures & back-packing to Junior Copywriter

Brand new for 2018 is the Yellow Cat Guest Blog Spot! We welcome our clients, candidates, employees and beyond to share insights, tips, industry and recruitment trends with our community.

This week we’re thrilled to introduce Rebecca, Junior SEO Copywriter and Yellow Cat friend. Rebecca talks to us about her recruitment experience, bagging her dream job and goals for 2018!

When I graduated in June 2017, I was faced with the harsh reality that no matter how good your degree is, getting a job is hard. So naturally, I decided to put adult life off for a while, and spent a month after graduation hopping from one holiday to the next — Amsterdam, Mallorca and Valencia, for those interested!

What made you decide to use a recruitment agency to find your perfect job?

When September hit I realised that, as I wasn’t going to be returning to education for the first year since I was 3, it was probably time I started looking for a job. I’d always known I wanted to write, so after three months with nothing to show for myself but an unpaid internship and a rapidly fading tan, I decided to hunker down and get serious with my search.

I signed up to every job site available, but I unknowingly struck gold when I saw a job advertised on LinkedIn, through a recruitment agency called — you guessed it — Yellow Cat. I’d signed up for a few recruitment agencies throughout my search, all of whom had told me I was their perfect candidate and they’d have me in the writing job of my dreams within mere weeks. Though many of these agencies talked the talk, Yellow Cat walked the walk.

“I honestly couldn’t tell who was happier for me when I got the job, Steph or my mum.”

How did you find the recruitment process?

After my first phone call with Steph, I knew that no matter the outcome, this was a recruitment company that genuinely cared — not just about whether I got the job, but about whether I got the job that I wanted.

Quickly after speaking to Steph, I got a second call from Jonny and he talked me through the whole process. Yellow Cat were quite literally with me every step of the way — they helped prepare me for my interview, talked me down when I thought I’d tanked my second interview, and I honestly couldn’t tell who was happier for me when I got the job, Steph or my mum.

“Within my first few weeks, both Jonny and Steph made sure I was settling in okay, and enjoying the work. It was really great to know they continued to care, even once I’d been placed.”

Tell us about some of the highlights of the new role you’re in

I’ve now been in my position for over two months, and it’s been great — the most important thing has been entering a really friendly and supportive team, but everything from the location and the building, to free fresh fruit and coffee, makes it pretty easy to get up and go to work. I was very lucky to start in the lead up to Christmas, all the festivities and social events have definitely made for an extremely exciting couple of months.

                                                                                 Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

How did you get on grasping financial terms and translating this into engaging copy?

Though I had very limited financial knowledge and experience before starting, entering into a junior role meant that I was taught on the job — not just from my manager, but from one-to-one meetings with all the people I’d be working with and seminars for new starters. Though it’s definitely still a learning curve, I’ve already learnt a lot about the content I’m writing about and have improved my own writing style. Hopefully they’d all agree with me!

How do you overcome the dreaded writer’s block?

I think working in such a relaxed office environment really helps to keep us creative. We hot desk — so whether that means taking your laptop up to our social area where there is an incredible view over the Thames and St Paul’s Cathedral, or moving into the quiet zone to really concentrate, there is somewhere that will help you get over writer’s block.

Do you have any professional goals for 2018?

I’m excited to get really stuck into the company, improve my writing and take on more responsibility.

Would you use a recruitment agency in the future?

Though I’m hopefully settled in for a long time to come, if I ever need to search for a job again Yellow Cat would be the ones I’d turn to.

Thanks to Rebecca for sharing her experiences with the Yellow Cat community!

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