Yellow Cat recognises that Diversity, Equality and Inclusion are vital parts of every business that wants its inner structure to represent the world we currently live in.

This is why we follow recruitment processes that support and improve DE&I within our clients’ businesses.

Giving everyone equal opportunity and bringing diversity into our clients’ companies is always our highest priority. There are many ways to promote DE&I, but it simply comes down to a true shift in the mindset of the client and their company.

Yellow Cat is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on race, religion, age, sexuality, gender identification, or physical ability. 

All employees of Yellow Cat, as part of their induction, are given the resources to educate themselves and ensure that the practices of DE&I are carried out throughout the recruitment process.


Promoting and supporting employee wellbeing is at the heart of Yellow Cat’s purpose. We champion better work-life balance and believe that healthy workplaces help people to flourish and reach their potential. We are creating an environment that serves our employees and actively promotes a state of happiness.


After spending over a year of working from home, Yellow Cat has decided to fully implement the WFA approach. Listening to our employees showed that WFA gives them more flexibility and allows them to organise their time better. The Work From Anywhere approach means reducing our carbon footprint, which helps the planet and gives us more time and less money spent on travel.


We take mental health and wellbeing very seriously, and understand that in times of stress, difficult personal situations and other matters, we all need to take a step aside and take care of ourselves. We treat Mental Health Days as actual Sick Days and allow our employees to take some time off to prevent their mental health from deteriorating.

physical activity

With Jonny being a huge fan of running and his creating of the #Cre8in8 Challenge in partnership with Create, we always encourage our employees to take part in such events – especially when it’s for a good cause.

Yellow Cat is always open for fresh ideas on how we can make our environment a stronger and more inclusive place.


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