5 top tips to improve your Copywriter CV

Calling all copywriters! My name is Matt and I’m the Talent Manager at Yellow Cat Recruitment. I’m on a daily mission to help you find the role of your dreams and in turn, help employers find the very best copywriting talent for their roles!

I’m sure you’re aware that March marks World Creative Writing month! We’re grabbing this opportunity to celebrate this month of creativity by sharing 5 top tips to hopefully help our community of Copywriters. Whether you’re a recent graduate, just getting started in the industry, or a seasoned pro, we’re keen to share our insights.

Without further ado…here are my 5 top tips to make your Copywriter application stand out from the crowd.

Let us know what platforms you’ve already produced content for

There are many ways companies like to get their message out to their audience. Are you a social media master, an articulate article writer, an advertising slogan superstar or a tip top technical author? More often than not employers will be looking for their new employee to take charge of a specific platform (or even multiple platforms!) Let employers know your strengths and previous experience early on. If you’ve had impact producing e-mail campaigns, print adverts, blogs or creating content for websites then speak up.

Shout about your achievements!

What kind of impact does your writing have? Won any awards? Do you consistently achieve high response rates from engagement campaigns? Or have you achieved a First Class degree in the chosen sector? Let employers know. If 99.5% of your recipients in your recent email campaign converted into product users or opted into find out more about the services you’re writing about, a potential employer is likely to sit up and take notice.

This information is key and could help differentiate you from the line of others eager to bag the role. If you’re consistently increasing your companies social media following let us know by how much and how often those numbers are whizzing up! Your future employer wants to know they’re getting a candidate with a proven track record! Don’t be shy, let them know you can inform, engage and influence audiences with confidence and ease.

Shine a light on your portfolio

Typically a CV is approx no longer than 2 pages in length. Don’t put your job application on a diet and leave out the trimmings! Your application is only going to be strengthened by showcasing your work. Including links to social channels you publish content to, blogs, articles or extracts from publications are gold dust for employers. This will help demonstrate your creativity, style, tone of voice and could highlight your experience writing for similar industries. Where you can, add hyperlinks within the body of your CV, send PDF versions of your portfolios along with your application — this could be more effective than a covering letter. Pick out pieces that lend themselves well to the role you’re applying for, this is your time to share all the great work you’ve created.

Even better you should also go one step further and let employers or your Recruiter know your interests and which topics you want to write about!

No one wants to dread Monday mornings, or any other morning for that matter. Employers are aware of this fact! They too want to love their job. Employers also know their copywriters output will be much better if their teams are engaged. If you’re applying for a role directly, maybe add a line or two about your interests to your CV or cover letter. If you’re at the cinema 3 times a week or keep up to date with relevant industry news, this will allow the employer to sift through CV’s, especially if they want a candidate who has a keen interest in the subject area outside office hours. Alternatively, tell your Recruitment Consultant in your initial screening call. We’re here to help and want to give you the best possible chance to get to interview stage. It’s not just about your CV, but who you are as a person and what drives your interests and engagement.

Do you have any relevant qualifications?

GCSE’s, A-Levels and the dates you attended University are important snippets of information, but your current work experience and soft /hard skills are more valuable and should be prioritised on your CV. Maybe look at adding any industry or role specific qualifications to the top half of your CV, for example; Google AdWords certificates or a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Membership. Having these on your CV shows you are passionate and serious about the industry, and may help you stand out further to an employer.

The final step

Now your CV is looking fantastic and you’re sure to land yourself an interview for your dream job! You can now start your search and apply for any roles that take your fancy. I am on hand too! Feel free to reach out to discuss any opportunities listed on our website or job boards.

You can check out our live roles here: http://www.yellowcat.london/jobs/

Thank you for taking the time to read this, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing info@yellowcat.london

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