Getting laid off is extremely tough and to some this can feel like a huge sense of loss and adversity. The world of recruitment has been taken by storm, I mean, if you’ve stumbled across your LinkedIn feed, you’ll be aware of how much we’re experiencing an epidemic of layoffs across a multitude of industries. You are not alone!

We understand that everyone experiences change different, but what we can be consistent with is our expert advice on what you can do next. Therefore, we’re pleased to share our top tips on how you can land your next role in the midst of layoff season:

  1. Networking with people who can support with your next role

As bitter as being made redundant may taste, it is crucial that you leave on good terms with your employer and represent yourself as a true professional. Industries work in mysterious ways, and you’d be surprised how connected people really are within the industry. We are strong believers of ‘when one door closes, another opens’, and the power of referrals and networking can be a life saver when you are looking for an immediate opportunity. Therefore, if you’ve acted appropriately throughout the redundant process, you’ll have a considerably higher opportunity getting your foot in the door as your previous employer will champion how well you took the news on board.

Networking has also become that much easier now that we have platforms such as LinkedIn bringing like-minded professionals together so it’s an important time to update your LinkedIn page, as this tends to be the first thing recruiters and hiring managers check out when looking into your professional background. Take the time to adjust your contact settings so that your profile is fully visible to people you aren’t connected with yet. You also have an option to change your profile picture to include the ‘Looking for a new opportunity’ feature that will instantly identify you as an available candidate which is super useful information for recruiters. Finally, get those connections flowing! If you are aware of previous employers, stakeholders, or even mutual colleagues at companies you could envision yourself working at then don’t shy away from sending them a cheeky connection request – this can almost be considered as a handshake when meeting someone face-to-face.

  1. Partner with a recruitment specialist

Partnering with a recruitment specialist, like Yellow Cat can help utilize your professional network to gain insights on potential job opportunities and to make yourself visible to a range of employers. Through creating a partnership with a consultancy like us, you will receive a high level of candidate care, as you’ll receive guidance and support throughout the full recruitment process, whether that’s from a permanent, fixed-term or freelance perspective. A team of experts will be there to help propel your career in the direction you wish to take it. This can be through providing advice on your CV, portfolios and showreels, getting you interview ready and providing detailed, constructive feedback for you to take on board. All of us here at Yellow Cat are committed to our DEIB strategy, where we believe in a world in which talented people should have equal access to all opportunities, regardless of any visible or hidden constraints. So if you are ambitious and creative then we want to hear from you! Seeking this kind of support and guidance will only benefit you, trust the pros 😸

  1. Make the most of your down time and set yourself up for success

For most this will perhaps be the first time that you have a period of time where you can dedicate your attentions to training, retaining or upskilling. This is invaluable! This could be an exciting time to teach yourself additional skills that will increase your allure to potential employers, whether it be your technical skills, creativity or your interpersonal skills. Success in a challenging job market, more often than not, comes down to your effort and being disciplined with your preparation and approach so it’s important to commit to formulate compelling, high-quality work to showcase yourself as a candidate. As tempting it could be to chuck together an updated CV within an hour and bulk applying to every employer you set your eyes on, this can often lead to disappointment as you’ve gone down the quantity over quality route. Employers value those who have gone that extra mile and have a thirst for knowledge as it proves your capacity to remain resilient within a time of adversity.  You’ll display your capacity to continue developing yourself – they will recognise that your positive attitude will extend into this role and will see you as a useful asset to the company.


  1. Keep an open mind

It’s a critical time for you to ask yourself what you want your next role to look like. If you’re happy with the direction of your career then a top tip that we would suggest you do is brainstorming the aspects of a role you want (and don’t want), and categorise them as ‘must have’ or ‘would be nice to have’. This will help you understand why you are actually applying for a role and landing an excellent answer to any hiring managers when they do ask you that question in the early interview rounds. This could also be a fantastic opportunity to dive into a new opportunity that you’ve always dreamt about. No matter where you are in your life, or career, remember it is never too late to start fresh!  Be open to new opportunities, including freelance work, contract positions, or starting your own business. The more open you are to change, the more opportunities you will be able to consider.

  1. Find acceptance and stay positive

Remember that a layoff is not a reflection of your worth or abilities. You haven’t been made redundant; your job has. It’s important to understand the semantics here. Having said that, it is perfectly normal to feel stressed if you’ve found yourself in this situation. And whilst this is an unfortunate situation, it is not your fault and often it is these situations which can lead to an even better opportunity! Just like running late and missing your train, only to bump into an old friend you haven’t seen for years and rekindling your relationship – that kind of silver lining.


Written by Elle Sorenti. 

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