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9 tips to help you nail that job interview.

 We all know that interviews can be nervous times and the best way to beat the nerves is to ensure that you are prepared as much as you can be. We have put together a list of things that will help you breeze through the interview stage.
1. Know what you’re […]

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Want to work in art and design? Follow this checklist first

From remembering less is more when promoting your work – The Dots founder Pip Jamieson details the steps to take for a career in design

It’s a wonderful time to embark on a career in design, as the burst in digital design means there are now more jobs than ever before. […]

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We ask you: Media Recruitment

How will the digital media industry develop this year?

2015 is another exciting year for the digital media industry with the wider use of portable devices amongst consumers. Expanding systems like Google Adwords and the use of data to predict a consumer’s browsing habits make advertising strategies such as retargeting and […]

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Judge by credentials, not by appearances

Jonny Breeze, MD of Yellow Recruitment says there’s no room for discrimination when recruiting your ideal candidate

Everyone who lives in London would acknowledge that it is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. It has 7 million inhabitants who between them speak over 300 languages and each and […]

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The advantages of temp workers

As businesses struggle in the current climate, many are forced into making tough decisions concerning one of their biggest expenses and greatest assets – their work force. Those who are beginning to use temporary workers however are seeing the benefits they can bring. So how can hiring temporary staff help […]

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Ensuring the ‘dynamics’ are right

The market is tough and if you want your business to succeed during these times you need to be aware of the whole functionality of your office dynamics. Getting this right is key to elevating a platform to come out of the recession on a positive note.

As the Director of […]

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Getting the ‘most’ from your recruitment agency

Recruitment and expansion are two words that might not be at the forefront of every business owners’ mind in the current financial climate. However, many small businesses need to grow and develop in order to survive.

“When faced with recruiting for a position, business owners can be tempted to conduct the […]

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Working with the ‘right’ recruitment agency

We’ve all seen what a bad recruitment decision looks like. At worst it’s like deliberately introducing a computer virus into your company’s systems with a similar ability to destroy and corrupt it from the inside.

In small companies the damage can be swift and devastating. One company, who doesn’t wish to […]

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